Monday, November 17, 2008

Pizza Turnovers

1 13.8 oz tube Pillsbury refrigerated pizza crust (or favorite refrigerated pizza crust)
Pizza sauce

Pizza cheese

Parmesan cheese

Favorite pizza toppings

Roll pizza crust out and cut into 6 equal parts. Spread pizza sauce on dough squares. Place handful on pizza cheese on each square. Add desired amount of your favorite pizza toppings on each square. Gather all ends of pizza dough making the dough form into a ball (with ingredients inside). Spray cookie sheet with nonstick spray and place gathered end face down on sheet. Sprinkle pizza cheese or Parmesan cheese on each pizza ball. Follow directions on dough package and bake for the least amount of time indicated. (Pillsbury says 425 degrees for 9 minutes). Serve and enjoy! Makes 6 pizza turnovers.

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